Rough January

Oh Dear January, or should I say fleeting January, why are you so rough on us. I am actually on vacation so one would assume my January would be breezy but no. The year always starts rough as the last 3 months of the year are always so busy and fun. January is like the hangover after that holiday. Then the worst thing we do , we set these resolutions as of January 1st! forgetting the hangover that we will be fighting all month. I cant put my finger on it but it’s 25th January (that is 25 days have passed) and I have not even begun to work on my resolutions. Well let’s not call them resolutions but more of goals and objectives for the year. Here I am just taking it a day at a time assuming one day I will actually start to work on these plans that were made in the merry months of the latter half of the year. You know the quote:

Don’t promise when you’re happy

I even put the calendar as my Phone screen saver to always remind me that “time is running out” but oh well it hasn’t helped much.

I hear a lot of Kenyans say NJANUARY which basically witty wordplay meaning starvation January and really I tell you it’s because this month is tough. Financially or Spiritually, Energy wise, Work wise, maybe all of it. But Since February is coming up, let’s do this. You know how Monday you fight that hangover, then Tuesday you work overtime to finish Monday’s work that you didn’t do? Well, February let’s work overtime. Don’t throw away your resolution lists just yet, Let’s do double shift February and assume January was just a trial month anyway.

I promise this is not procrastination!

Here’s to accomplishing what we want this year and not giving up!

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