Celery Juice for the skin

I just had a terrible breakout on my face with cystic pimples , those pimples that don’t have a protesting head that gives you hope at some point it will burst and heal. These are really painful too and they feel like lumps under the skin. I have no idea what I did to instigate this but I wanted a natural remedy when I roamed the fine internet searching for solutions when I came across health benefits of celery juice ; one of them clears acne. As desperate times call for desperate measures I decided to give a go and just 3 days of drinking celery juice my pimples have stared clearing up.

Drinking celery juice in its own is not easy so I made two versions ; one with apple and one with carrot juice . They both taste great! And like I said my face is thanking me 😊


  1.  Wash your celery properly as it has a lot of soil in the fold of the stalk.
  2. Wash and core the apple OR peel and chop the carrots depending on which you use.
  3. Place them in a juicer for best results.

If you don’t have a juicer you can use a blender but you might have to sieve it afterwards unless you are using a high tech blender.

Next time your skin breaks out before you reach for creams and ointments try some celery juice. Ofcourse if your problem persists be sure to see a dermatologist.


Happy juicing 🙂

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  1. I have this everyday .It works wonders for the skin and our system too.


    1. Khadija says:

      absolutely! I have celery juice atleast 5 times a week now and my skin has never been greater 🙂


      1. Sometimes for a variation I add raw turmeric or amla or apple and carrot

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      2. Khadija says:

        Haven’t tried Amla, I have to find it now , thanks 🙂

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  2. soafricane says:

    I’ll definitely make this. I suffer from acne as well but I’ve not had a zit on my face since I started drinking 1/2 tsp of moringa in my juices each day. Moringa is rich in zinc, vitamins and many amino acids that help to fight off acne and keep your skin clear. Also I recommend that you visit a dermatologist or cosmetologist for a skin examination.


    1. Khadija says:

      I’ll look for it . I do go to the dermatologist when it gets bad but mostly I can handle it . For me I’ve been instructed to steer clear of dairy which I don’t always do lol . Thanks so much for sharing tips! I’ll definitely look for it


      1. soafricane says:

        I knowwwww! Staying away from milk, yogurt and milkshakes is almost impossible for me so I always take the moringa to detox. It really cleanses your system and you’ll see the difference. Tell me how it goes on twitter. xx

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