Hi there, My name is Khadija. The foodie behind this blog. I love to cook, and eat #foodie .

A little back story:

I was never interested in the kitchen as growing up so it was a surprise to me when i developed this fascination with making food. I self taught myself how to cook which still shocks me because i always found cooking to be such a task. Quite frankly, i thought cooking was too hard.

In the beginning i followed instructions from recipes from other bloggers and watched cooking shows, but with time and as i gained more confidence i started cooking on  a whim and coming up with some tasty food.  My grandmother would be so proud. I am always learning new cooking techniques and different cuisines. I am what you can call a self taught cook! I am not yet where i wish to be but everyday is an opportunity to learn.

The greatest inspiration to cooking I would say is wanting to be healthier and feed myself better food. It goes without saying if you want to eat healthier you will have to cook at least some of your food yourself.

I share some of my favorite recipes with the hope that someone learns from them and also realizes that cooking is actually fun and easy, well mostly.

Currently I am an Engineering student in Shanghai but on my free time am exploring my passion for food ( so bear with me if i sometimes take too long to give out recipes of food i make)

Please enjoy your stay here, i hope to learn more from you as you would from me so don’t hesitate to leave your comments behind.  let’s share our food recipes after all food is meant  for sharing.

Cheers 🙂

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