Cheesy Potato Croquettes

Hello there,  Want something to do with your potatoes? How about we make some croquettes. Cheesy ones at that. And we are going to make them long(shape) to mimic mozzarella sticks. This recipe does actually use mozzarella cheese. Or maybe you are looking for an appetizer, something to keep your guests busy while you finish up in the kitchen, these are perfect for that. OR if you are like me and you just feel like only cheese and potato will do right now, well help yourself to these. I mean the recipe. I wish I could literally give some to you but we are not yet there, vision2030? In the meantime let’s keep sharing recipes.

cheesy potato croquettes new png.png

These are the white potatoes only.

You can also use sweet potatoes with the  white potatoes here but you can stick to one. I  really like all the different flavors combined.

cheesy potato croquettes ,.png

These are the sweet potato croquettes, they are more delicate as the sweet potatoes are more moist, Lesson to be learnt from the picture above is to make sure you have covered the cheese with enough potato or they will start oozing as soon as you even gently touch them. Not that oozing cheese something we don’t like. Just try to poke at them with a fork . Boom! Explosion occurs!

Sweet dreams are made of cheese
who am I do diss a brie?
It’s Camembert world and Edam seas

There is a nice cheesy song for you to enjoy with these croquettes,This is Cheesy Potato croquettes the musical LOL . I should give you the recipe and sign off now before it gets any more weird.

Cheesy Potato Croquettes


  • 7 potatoes washed and boiled or steamed
  • Salt and black pepper
  • 200 grams Mozarella cheese cut into cubes to fit into palm sized croquettes
  • 2 eggs
  • 50 grams all purpose flour for coating
  • Cooking oil for deep frying


  1. Mash the potatoes until very smooth. Season with salt and black pepper. Make sure it’s very smooth
  2. In a bowl Break the eggs and also salt them.
  3. On a plate pour the flour. Now take a scoop of the mashed potatoes in your hand and flatten it on your palm. Place one cube of cheese in the middle and fold the potatoe around it. Make sure the cheese is carefully surrounded with enough potato or it wil start to ooze while frying n the pan.
  4. Once you’ve made all the balls, Heat your frying oil in the pan. Take each ball and first dip it in the egg, then coast it with flour. If you want it to be crispy repeat this process 2 or 3 times, the carefully place it in the oil. Fry until browned n the outside.
  5. Serve with you favorite sauce or ketchup.

Thanks for sticking to this point, Which ones will you try?

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