Spiced Coffee

Where my coffee addicts at? Please stand up! Have you tried spiced coffee? with cardamom, cinnamon and cloves? Ok you must! So if you are too lazy you can buy store bought spiced coffee, or you can take an extra 1 minute to add the spices in. Just 1 minute. If you must buy there is this Africafe brand, am actually not sure where anyone can buy as it was gifted to us probably from Zanzibar.

Anyway Let’s make coffee and get high!

Ground coffee Get a good roast too, some good Arabica beans will do

Ground cardamon

Ground cinnamon

Ground cloves

For 1 cup of large mug; I use a tablespoon of coffee:1/2 teaspoon cardamon:1 teaspoon cinnamon: 1 ground clove

Sweetener of your choice; I prefer honey, it adds a certain honey flavor to it too.

And some milk if you want it white.

Anyway all this stuff is added to the coffee pot and some water then brought to a boil and immediately served.

One could also use a french press, but I don’t suggest it as the coffee will turn out cold by the time you serve as the spices need more time to infuse.

A tip is to ground your spices when you need them for maximum flavor, but only if you can spare the time.

Serve this coffee for your guests and guarantee it’s all they will ever ask for when they come over!


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  1. This sounds like a delicious cup of coffee! 🙂


    1. Khadija says:

      It is ! Try it 😀


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